Salmon On The Doorknob

If you can’t open the front door because there’s salmon residue smeared on the doorknob, you’ve been living up here too long.

Got a couple bags full of salmon carcasses — filleted backbones, clippings, etc. — and have been smoking and/or microwaving them.

Dan can’t really eat the smoked stuff, as much as he loves it.  Too much fat.  Salmon is like fresh pork — dripping oil.  So I’m micro-waving it to strip off the meat and use for salmon patties. Those he grew up with.  Those he can eat.

Now we’ve got plenty of salmon for Spuds, who prefers raw bottom fish.  But he’ll take cooked salmon. 


One thought on “Salmon On The Doorknob

  1. JoAnne here.

    Man, I wish we lived closer. I could offer a swap of goat milk and goat cheese (both plain and savory herb) for some of that salmon. Mmmmmm….

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