Back From San Diego

Whew. What a show it was. 

My art — at least the peculiar treasure called the Black Manuscripts — and a heck of a lot of sketches, originals, fan mail, costumes and video tapes of old routines and plays — went into San Diego State University’s Special Collections.

My collection caused quite a stir at SC; they’d never seen such a thing as the Blacks, because there’s nothing else like them on the planet:  twelve ornate — nay, obsessive — embroidery-bound manuscripts, about 150 pages long, each.

The collection and its cataloging are to be the legacy of Jossie Chavez, who is retiring from the university this year.

Once the word got around that the future of the collection would be colored by the books it received from the convention this year, tons of cool stuff poured in, including Bento Box, by Deb Aoki.  Neat Hawaiian comic strips.  We learn that never, ever do we give macadamia nuts to Hawaiians, because that would be like giving avacadoes to a Californian.  Coals to newcastle, so to speak.

I did my best to translate between the drawn book and academic worlds.  It was tough going at first; two completely different languages.  But then the walls went down and I got to go see other neat things at San Diego.

Met Melinda Gebbies, Alan Moore’s colleague and partner and got to check out the new Lost Girls collection.  WOW.

Found out once again that my peers are my biggest fans.  Sometimes this just floors me, like at this convention.

Three Witches…


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