Salmon and Eagles

Went down to the Sekiu docks the other day with a plastic bag and my ulu knife.

Picked up some more salmon filleted by people who don’t know how.  Just whack off the heads, guts and tails, take them backbones home to smoke in my Monster Smoker.

Lying on the old marine blanket in the front yard with Dan, and this year’s hatch of very young eagles floated over the house and came low to see if they could eat us.  Then floated back up over the ridgeline taking whacks at each other.  Look like a male (small) and female (large), having fun practicing for courtship and hunting.

The geese that had 6 babies earlier in June still have six great big kids down on the river.

Mergansers followed by a huge flock of kids.

The fat little harlequin duck who learned how to roll in the surf on the pebble beach picking up beach fleas (crustaceans like potato bugs, up to an inch long) during the derth two years, when so many other birds starved, and who taught one of her ducklings last year how to do it, was back this year with a whole flock of grown ducklings rolling in the surf with her.  It looks like a bunch of footballs being popped around on the pebbles.  Feet in the air, heads gobbling.  Funnier than heck.  This is what we call adaptive behavior. 


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