Where was Christ?

Where was Christ on the battlefield?

All you ever hear from Christers is "Whose penis is going into what hole, when, where, how?"  It's all their damn religion seems to be about.

A lot of the troops in Iraq spew the Christer crap — and supposedly this is a religion of peace.

But when it comes to kicking down people's doors and charging in and murdering them — all of a sudden these guys don't seem to know what not to do.

The excuse has been given that these people were "frustrated."  Yeah?  Well, there are a lot of frustrated parents who take out their mad-on at the boss on their kids.  Or on their spouses. 

Where in the bible does it say "Thou shalt not kick a dog because thou canst not kick whom thou wanst to kick?"

No bloody where, that's where.  Not a damn word. 

In the movie Gross Pointe Blank, Blank explains that he had to disappear because he realized he "Just had to kill somebody."

I want to know how many of these Christers just dumped their penis-sniffing religion on the battlefield because they "just had to kill somebody."

I don't know how many bad words we can use here:  hypocrisy, cowardice, stupidity. 

Stupid, stupid soldier people.


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