The RedCoats are Here.

Now you all recognize this from American history classes that got to the Revolution:

"It's not fair!  It's not sporting!  They're hiding behind trees and refusing to come out and fight like men!  These aren't real soldiers.  These are a ragtag mob!"

That, of course, would be the British.

Now see if you can recognize these lines:

"These people don't come out and take us on like real soldiers.  We're not able to tell who is an insurgent.  We don't want to kill women and children, but you can't tell them apart."

What goes around comes around.  Sooner or later, everybody is the RedCoats.

As a woman, I simply don't believe in the Rules of War.  Kipling himself said that females, in "merciless feminine fray," do not understand any fight that is not 100% to the death.  If we're going to fight, it won't be for fun and games.  It will be to protect the home and our children.  Getting involved in war threatens those very homes and children.

War is what happens when you screw up.  It's what happens when you can't handle relationships.  But if you're going to get involved in it, then go all the way.  Kill everybody, any time, and get it over with.  This is an insurgent war, and the only factories for an insurgent war are women, and the children — the future weapons — that they produce.  The only way to beat insurgents is to take out all of them, and all their families.

If you don't want to face this, then you need not to go to war in the first place.  It's a brutal, stupid business, that will simply sow the seeds for the next war, one way or another.

The ONLY people on this planet who ever learned — win or lose — that war is stupid, pointless, inhumane, ultimately a loss, forever and forever, is the Germans.  It's not because they lost; the American south lost, and those evil southern values of slavery and militarism and Christian fundamentalism are seeping back out from under the rock where they were whacked down in 1865.

Nobody on this planet is as smart about war as the Germans.

Huh.  Maybe everybody else got the chimp genes.


3 thoughts on “The RedCoats are Here.

  1. I’ve watched some war movies and read books, which is about as close as I’ve ever gotten to it (unless you count the typical “not crazy enough to walk to the ATM after sundown” sort of war that is waged against women every day), and I am constantly amazed at the idea that war has rules.

    Rules? If you’re in control of yourself enough to follow rules, you’re obviously not pissed off enough at the other person to be shooting at them in the first place!

    And if you aren’t that pissed off, then put the gun down and knock it the fuck off. This whole, “Well, I wanna kill you but it’s nothing personal,” crap never fails to amaze me. If I’m trying to kill you, you can take it personal.

    I just do not get how they fight and kill one another, and still act like it’s a game of stickball, where they follow rules …

  2. I would hazard a guess that it has something to do with that whole ‘war is an honourable business and women don’t get it’ thing that got started … when /did/ that get started? Did that /ever/ work?
    How is blowing people’s guts all over the countryside/splattering their brains all over a horse with a mace/splitting them open with a sword honourable and polite?! *shakes head and gets back to the point*

    Anyway – you and me and anybody with common sense knows that’s a load of crap, but all the people I’ve met with a dose of common sense seem to not be the people who actually have control over these things….

  3. Thank you. And as for women not getting war — it kills our men, destroys our homes, starves our children and murders and rapes us. More than anybody else, women are INVOLVED in war, and we sure as hell get it — in more ways than one.

    These guys who are just panting to go to war to be heroes — or even worse, doing the fake “Oh, it’s so awful but I have my duty” schtick are total clowns. Red lipstick and all, especially when they’re lung-shot. And then all the “They shot off my legs! They shot my buddy!” Like you can go into somebody else’s house with a gun and not have them whack you. What? The Iraqis are supposed to stand still and get taken out like carnival puppets?

    And then there’s the “But they attacked us first!” Please. The people that attacked us DIED IN THE TOWERS. And they died as a symbol. They’re not going to go blow up the soybeans in some red state. They wanted to us pay the fuck attention that we’re in their country — Saudi Arabia — and they wanted us to go home. All they did was prove that we will put on blinders and go hit somebody else if it means we can still get our oil and our plastics (don’t forget THAT industry!) for cheap. Fuck all the women and kids who get taken out in the process. Why don’t they just grind them up for bio-diesel? It would be more to the point and they’re going to die anyway.

    Now watch some right-wing crazy take me seriously and argue for that. Watch some red-state congressman start funding for developing the factories.

    We all need a bumper sticker that says “War is for stupid people.” I should put one up at CafePress. Feh.

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