Fun with Fundamentalists

This is fun to send to those "I-war-a-homa-shetual-but Jeezus-cured-me" sites:

"Bisexuals are attracted to both sexes.  You've managed to fight down your homosexual urges, because you made that effort, but remain attracted to the opposite sex.  To find out if you were merely fighting one set of sexual urges, try fighting down your heterosexual urges, as well. 

Remember that your kingdom is in heaven and has nothing to do with human sexuality.  Until you've freed yourself from all sexuality and human attraction, then you have not turned your sights toward heaven.  If you still have a "wife" or "husband" or "children"  upon this earth, then you have not fully accepted Christ.  You have given in to your body, instead of the Spirit.

It may be better to marry than to burn, but that is only a stop-gap solution.  Until you have fought down all your sexual urges, homo- and hetero-sexual, then you are not one in Christ, and are leading others and their souls into perdition.

The Bible says again and again that the greatest sin is hypocrisy.  Do not pretend to be one in Christ, when you have only fulfilled half your mission to cleanse yourself of the clay of Eve.  You must cleanse yourself of Adam, as well."

It's even more fun to go to the American Family Association and start chewing them out in biblical terms for being bad Christians.  Since they're not obeying much of their own book, it's really easy.


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