Feline Depression

No, not the depression the cat gets.  It would take a lot more than a possible case of neglected saddle thrombus to depress old Spuds.

It's the depression the owner gets when we finally realize that there's definitely something we can do about a condition like wabbly hind legs. 

Spuds is on anti-anflammatories and pain-killers for his benign squamous nasal cancer.  He's taking those little yellow Amoxicillin for a bladder infection.  So far so good.  Spuds is 18, by the way.  And perfectly cheerful.  He lines right up for pills in the morning because he knows he'll be getting a few slices of fresh raw greenling directly thereafter.

I've left a call with the vet to see if he's open Memorial Day Monday to get the poor old man-cat in.


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