The Big Scary Kitty Is Gone

I can go ahead and report on this now, because the big scary kitty that might have terrorized the people with guns has moved on.

Weird thing the other night:  Wanted to go out in my bathrobe and get some fresh air at about 1:00 am, and sleepily thought, "Nah… don't want to run into the cougar."

We had a cougar in the neighborhood for a few days.  One of the householders looked out the back window one evening and saw it sleeping on the back porch.  There are yard cats and house cats, but this is ridiculous.

People at Slip Point didn't get all paranoid.  They just locked up their dogs and cats and told their kids to watch the woods. 

As we sez out here:  "Hail, if'n I was afraid of predators, I'd go live in Seattle."

This morning there was a band-tailed pigeon gulping down seed at the neighbor's feeder.  This is a shy wild game bird.  I've eaten them myself, as a kid.  Our neighbor back in Mukilteo , Chet Westre, used to pull out the shot birds' skinny white intestines while cleaning them and tell us kids, "See?  This is where they get spaghetti from."

See the film.

We have a neighborhood pigeon, named Herman.  He hangs out with a crow who is a best friend of his.  Herman has weathered huge storms and peregrines and eagles for going on three years now.  Tough bird.


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