Too Many Options

I'm gonna make an effort to get more articles up at Submission Engine. I mean, Jason gave me full access and my own password.  I need to get articles writ. Any good ideas for some?  I mean, like I can answer.  If you want X-men articles I can't help ya there.  But I can talk about Castle Waiting.  Which I've heard that Linda is bringing it back, so maybe 2006 is good for something. And sorry about all the delay with the books.  Dimestore turned out to be a thinly-disguised brokerage that just pulled out of publishing and went into distribution-only (though since I've been trying to work with Dimestore for years, this makes it possible for me to just say to heck wit' em and move on, which I need to do occasionally).  After I went ahead and re-solicited for a color Peach #31 and everything.  I'm having to wait until May 30 before I can make any final decisions on printing vs. POD or what. I'm going to have to make some very serious decisions about the form my stuff takes.  Do I do webcomics in black and white that ultimately become collections?  Do the same old format and cut it up and pretend it's a webcomic before printing?  I've always thought in little increments, anyway, a page at a time; why not a strip at a time?  And I've got to tell my characters to stop sitting there in a coffee-shops and talking to each other and start DOING things. You know what my problem is…. too many options.  It's not making my new-year's resolution to stop procrastinating and obsessing any easier. I don't think anybody wants to see Stinz wearing a magenta-and-purple WWII German uniform. I'm going to the beach. Donna Barr


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