Liar’s Fest at the Artists’ Festival

I'll be mentioning the (so far) LOCAL artists' festival we'll be having up here in October.  It will be an international festival by 2007, but the response we're getting from all over is beginning to make us wonder how local we'll be able to keep it, this year.

Anyway, a colleague emailed me about something she was thinking about, and I'm for including it one evening at the arts festival. 

She wants to put on a Liar's Fest.

As she says, "essentially a weekend of storytelling events all over the place – musical liars, theater liars, bar liars, beach liars – you get the picture. I thought it fit the nature of our community – lots of attitude, lots of drama – and sounded like more fun that your standard storytelling event. Maybe contests for the biggest liar, the best, the longest, the lamest, etc."

I say we invite Patrick McManus.  He is such a truthful person, obviously, that he will be able to judge what's the biggest lie.

If he doesn't show up, we'll SAY he did.  And tell true stories about him.

The reason it belongs in an artists' festival is because arts are about re-visioning of reality.  So telling whoppers about our relatives and fish should fit right in there.


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