The Egyptian Agenda

How many people have had it up to here with the Christian Agenda?  From people who really aren't Christians, anyway?

These "Christians" are all worshiping the ancient Egyptian gods:  "Amen"- Ra, Osiris the resurrected, the Judgement and Firey Lake, Set (Satan), an all-powerful priesthood, embalming of the body for the resurrection, yada yada yada, literally ad nauseum.

Show me one "Christian" who knows HALF what the non-Christian knows about the bible.  Most all non-Christians not born into other religions I know have been Christians, and have left mostly because of the hypocrisy, ignorance and fear.  We despise the fakety stuff called "Christianty" that's out there pretending it ever actually read the bible, or the multiple-translated, King-James-licking grey version which is all we've got.

Most ex-Christians I know love nature, animals, other humans, their own goodness.  Ex-Christians revere women.  What ex-Christian do you know hates trees?  The only Christian God who hates trees and nature is Satan (Set), the Egyptian God of the Wastelands.

Now what was that about false prophets?


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