Booksurge vs. Lulu

Booksurge.  The world-wide and growing print-on-demand company.  It's got machines in the US, the Netherlands and Australia.  Japan next.

Lulu.  Coming up fast (my books specifically at:  Donna's Lulu.).

Here's the latest:

Lulu is getting a machine in Spain.  AND they have free upload.

Lulu offers individual customers a cheaper direct-order route.

Lulu's intense-color covers do NOT flake, nor do they get beat up so fast.  After a month, a Booksurge book looks like it has dandruff.  A Lulu book does NOT.  And a Lulu cover doesn't get so curly and bent up; it's tougher. 

They BOTH have great bindings.

Lulu has Amazon access, too, and provides ISBN numbers, for low prices.

So….. what's Booksurge up to at this point?  Booksurge is working hard to make a connection that works with the drawn-book distributor, Diamond.

If Booksurge makes the Diamond connection, I  will go scare Lulu about THAT.  I'm gonna whip these horses and make 'em PULL.


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