You need to leave home.

We're terror-forming THIS planet — and look at the mess we're making of it! Multi-cellular life here is only a thin, fragile skin across all this rock and water. We are botching it dreadfully.

I say we go elsewhere, where we can mess up bare rocks we like, and the bacteria will just mutate to fit. HERE, we have to pay for our right to exist in almost every way. We already have to pay for space to live, water, food. We deserve to pay for our air, too. (Does anybody think that it will be free if somebody has to work to produce it?) It will get rid of poor or street people, though. If you can't afford air…

Come to think of it, we'll have to pay gravity taxes, too! What IS it with humans not wanting to leave alone the only space ship we've got, and forcing ourselves to replace systems so we have to pay with them? Are we just terminally silly? I say we go be silly on an asteroid. We can't hurt anything there.


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