Terrorism 101

Friend who reads JusticeForNone sent this:

Hi Donna

I thought this might both sicken and frighten you.  Is this truly what America has come to?  Please pass this around, as everyone needs to know about this.


My answer (also sent to my PolList):

Frighten me?  Nah.

My mother would have steamroller'd these clowns.  First thing she'd have done was call the newspapers and report the whole damn thing.

As we are doing here.

Can we all name one country that terrorized through people's children?    And another that locked dissidents up as crazy?  Remember the secret is to OVERLOAD THE SYSTEM.  IRS ginks live in fear of their supervisors — mess with them!  I once closed down the University of Washinton for blatant racism — closed it FLAT DOWN — by putting code in its hold system.  You see, I have no children — so it is my bounden duty to fight for the freedom of those who do, because their children have made them, to quote, hostages to fate.

Go ahead, arrest me, you terrorizing Neo-Con schmucks.  You do not EVEN want me in your prison system.  The US Army asked me to leave and traded me an honorable discharge and a good conduct medal if I would just go away and stop teaching the prisoners in the slammer to sing Lili Marlene.

The president gets all my pol-list messages.  Why?  Because then the administration can't claim they didn't know about something — they've got it in their computers.

Go ahead.  Send things to president@whitehouse.gov  Fill their computers up with things they claim they don't know.  Drive them in little paranoid circles.

America?  America is the country that murdered the buffalo.  I watch up here in glee as it runs in little scared circles.  May the buffalo karma stampede it off a cliff.

Until it starts to act as brave and honest as the animals it murdered, it will continue to sink into a morass of cowardice and fear.   But there's just too much pay-back waiting for it.

Canadian friend and colleague's response:

Love the idea of sending everything to the president. Fantastic.That is the thing about wiretapping everyone and spying on everything. There is MORE likelihood that real terrorists will be overlooked since there is not the manpower to watch everything. Case in point, how nightwatchmen with a dozen cameraviews to watch is usually clued out and watching tv, vs the lone person walking outside.
cheers, L.
Note:I'm corresponding with an Iraqi mother right now.  She's said that we have piled up so much hate against us in her country, it will take generations to forget, if ever.  We've done this to 14 small countries, and all across our continent.  We've murdered, pillaged, imprisoned, bombed, anybody who gets in the way of Manifest Destiny and United Fruit or the sugar industry or Big Oil.  And we think we're on a crusade for God.  The buffalo stampede is turning toward us.  Watch out for the horns and hooves.

The only people in the world who sympathize with us right now are the Germans — who can understand the sins we're piling upon ourselves.  And they only did it for a couple of decades.  Oh, dear gods and spirits — forgive us our centuries. 

Or at least teach us through our suffering.  Because we certainly haven't learned from the suffering we've inflicted.


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