Lina the Rotten

Friend Dave in Ireland just reminded me of Lina's kitten nickname:

Lina The Rotten.

Partly for being what the Germans call a Beissvogel, or Bitey-bird.  But mostly for the Armpit Fixation.

Specifically upon a Canadian friend.  He's a clean man, but he's large, and anxious (mostly because he's so smart).  We all know what anxiety sweat smells like (I get it when I'm into a heavy creative surge — and I can't stand my own, let alone somebody else's).

Cats, however, LOVE human anxiety stink.

As a kitten, Lina seemed forever to have her head in a shoe.  That human foot-stank thang was her Higher Light.  And my friend's armpits were Nirvana.

She would cling to him, shoving her head into his armpits, nuzzling and chewing.  And then she would run over to some innocent human, preferably one lying on a couch, and ram her stinky head into that human's face.

"Look!  I STINK pretty!" was invariably followed by "Oh, God, Lina, get away, you STINK!"

Embarrassed humans all around.  Very proud of herself cat.  In our house and among our friends, a Friend of Cats became someone with a heavy body odor. 

Lina the Rotten.  Look out Afterworld.


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