American Lake VA Phone & Address Listing

This phone book is for use with the consideration that this office of the VA not only denies access to a contact listing for public use – including by vets – but admits to constantly changing its phone numbers and offices, while neglecting to inform the central VA data base. This is not intended as a guaranteed correct replacement for an official phone book, but to help fellow vets and their families to navigate American Lake.

Changes and corrections are welcome. The office is reluctant to release names of people working with them, but I’ve listed as much as I can.

According to someone (whose anonymity I respect) who helped set it up, the Electronic Healtcare Software has been co-opted by commercial interests – supported by payoffs within the Beltway of our federal government – offering subpar software and services while the VA software and services are strangled.


IF YOU SEND CORRESPONDENCE to any VA office, MAKE SURE IT’S REGISTERED! They might at first admit they’ve received mail, but they may very well later deny it.


VA Puget Sound Health Care System (663)

“American Lake”

9600 Veteran’s Drive

Tacoma, WA, 98493





Phone Tree for 1 Commnity Care: 1-206-764-2876

#3:  Community Care

#4: Dental out-of-pocket

#6: “Notify VA of emergency room visit within 3 days.” Buried in phone tree, recently added.



Compliance/Privacy Officer

Patients have a right to the names and Credentials of those accessing records.

(Refusal: report to



*Health Insurance Portability and Accountabilty Act of 1996


Dale: Operator ID #2


TriWest (40 mile vet/Choice): 1-866-606-8198


Departments within American Lake

With mailing codes.


Community Care – A-01-COBI – 206-277-4545

Prescription reimbursement:

206 764 2876 #3

Fax Prescriptions: 1-800-329-8387

Ext. 73112

Print out copy of RX, paid receipt, and list your last four AND your choice number.


Eligibility and Enrollment – A-136 EEBO –


(Robert Provataris is helpful.



Rick Weiss.


VA I-Care Champion Port Angeles:


Agent Orange Registration (includes Fort McClellan/Anniston Vets). Compensation and pension:

206 764 2181


General medicine: 360 565 7420

Jim Brezinski, Alt: Steve Winslow, CAS


Women’s Health: 253 583 3340

Karen Lathorp, CAS; Gerald D. Williams, SMSA


Pertinent VFW:


VFW Post 9106


110 South Spartan Avenue/PO Box 1116

Forks, WA 98331-9020

360 374 5489


VA Payment – vets pay the VA.

Department of Veterans Affairs

PO Box 530269

Atlanta, GA 30353-0269




VA Portland Health Care System


1601 E. Fourth Plain Blvd.

Vancouver, WA 98661


Brian McCarthy

Correspondence Voucher Examiner

Network Payment Center


How Come America is Dumber Than Its Grandparents?

You know the WPA, right? That gave your grandparents SO much? Including an absolutely fabulous return on their taxes?

Now ask yourself why I can post this:

THANK you, America, for giving me a job and an education and helping with the mortgage. All of the people like me – the military – don’t defend your freedom, unless it’s freedom to drive farther on fewer dollars. And everybody’s flat-out admitting that the Poor are joining because they have no other job options.

So, really, you’re paying for the 21st-century version of the WPA.

Admittedly, you don’t get any major art projects or bridges or roads or parks or anything – and all you get is fried combat vets who are now complaining they were “lied to” after NOT attending the anti-war marches and calling everybody who did march “unpatriotic,” and snotty REMFs who think they’re the point, and populations in the middle east so screwed up by war they think beheading is a political statement, and stacks of useless military toys that will end up in the hands of out-of-control police officers terrified of black people and a debt you’ll never pay off, not even if you concrete over all of the Everglades or cut down every last tree to pay for it – but it’s a job, right? RIGHT? Aren’t you proud of what your kids will inherit? You must feel like a Sumerian as the droughts come in.

Nod your little pointed head, America. And thank you. Again. Your grandparents would Facepalm if they could. Or your great-grandparents. Back in the ’30’s. The DEAD ones. OKAY?

Now I Have To Help VETS?

I’m on the planet to help. No other reason – I don’t get one. I get a job, or move to a neighborhood, and it’s to rescue a cat or run the blockwatch. I don’t know how many people I’ve launched into writing, art, and publishing their own work. And I can’t help it – you can hate my guts, but if you come to me for help or advice, I’ll help and give good advice (not my fault if some of you don’t take it).

Now it’s Veterans I’m supposed to help. WTF?

Not any old Vets – Vietnam era combat vets. Oh, great. You’d think people who could swing a mini-gun over a village could take care of themselves, but war fucks everybody up. But it’s not THEM I’m really supposed to help, as give them the time’s voice back, to help this country backpeddle out of the war we’re in now.

Anyway, I’ve ignored Veteran’s Day for years. Dan, who was Vietnam combat, has ignored it. I learned pretty fast that going to Vet’s dinners or Stand-downs just brought in people like me – the Rear Echelon Motherfuckers, who, after all, are in the majority, and don’t shake or just keep silent around anything having to do with the military. I even asked that any REMF I know Adopt A Grunt – help ’em with their paperwork, get their military ID card, get supplies from the Stand-Downs. Use that bureaucratic experience to help these guys, better than just shipping them bullets, bad food and then shipping the bodies back home. Not gotten a lot of response on that one. I guess it’s more fun to talk to other people from the motor pool than talk a mental mess into going to get his medical ID, or even get him a tent and a sleeping bag. REMFs always smell good, nice and bathed. Combat vets can be fucked up.

Dan finally had his say over on Facebook, because I remembered a song he once sang me at the old Madigan Hospital NCO club (no, we were not sober; nobody was much, off duty, back then).

Oh, great. Had a slight memory, and Dan provided the lyrics, sung to the tune of “Camptown Races,” as heard sung in the Phu Bai graveyard, 1971. Now’s he singing the whole thing:

“He’s goin’ home in a body-bag,
Doo dah, doo dah.
He’s goin’ home in a body-bag,
Oh de doo dah day.

Muh’fucker’s dead, muh’fucker’s dead.
He got hit by an RPG –
Muh’fucker’s dead.”

All that was left was his eyes and teeth,
Doo dah, doo dah.
All that was left was his eyes and teeth,
Oh de doo dah day.

Muh’fucker’s dead, muh’fucker’s dead.
He got hit by an RPG –
Muh’fucker’s dead.”

Then, spoken: “Lady, we didn’t keep your son – you don’t keep our body-bag.”
It probably had a bajillion verses. That’s Veteran’s Day around our house….

Now you and I know this is like those insane old songs from World War One, where pilots sang about assembling the engine again, after pulling all the body parts out of the biplane crash. Sounded the usual thing.

Oh, the hate he got from the phonies. One of them said he should die and be carried away in a dump truck. So much for respecting the vets – as long as they keep their mouths shut, right?

I think I know why the REMFs hated so many of the combat vets – those guys came back and allied up with the hippies and marched against the war. How DARE they? I guess that’s what got an old vet in a wheelchair turned away from the vet’s war memorial in Washington DC, because nobody wanted the Dirty Old Street Person to get near the nice shiny memories. It’s okay to cry over the crosses and the graves, but let’s not look at any live ones.

And you people in this war – are you now yelling about having been “lied” to? Don’t tell us you didn’t know the Iraq war and everything that followed was based on a lie. We knew that when we marched in the No Iraq War demonstrations – and I saw sailors from Bremerton hopping the ferry to get to that one and join in to stop the war. Or at least be able to hold their heads up and say they tried, because we don’t always win.

There’s so much fakery. The voice of the vets of Vietnam were remembered by the military. No more Bill Mauldins, not if they can help it. I saw a young, starched sergeant on TV today, carefully saying what she’d been trained to say. No more smart-assing in front of the cameras, if the generals can help it. I once broke a trained PR combat vet’s concentration by saying about his story of his wounding: “You did WHAT? What were you thinking???” In great relief he turned and practically yelled, “I KNOW!” After that, his appearance got a lot funnier and free, because he got to say what he really wanted to say, instead of remembering his Captain telling him that, open his mouth wrong, and he couldn’t count the days he’d get it in the neck for THAT.

Nobody wants to hear the real stories. Just the prettied-up ones that let those on the sidelines feel like the Seahawks’ twelfth man. No swearing, please. And make sure your hair is combed and your boots are polished.

And that’s the problem. Vietnam vets were draftees. Dragged away from their lives for corporate bullshit, as ever. I hear people today saying, “Bring back the draft.” Really? People who lived with the draft saw a generation stolen – against their will.

Dan started talking more while I typed for Facebook:

Dan says the funniest “I was in Vietnam” fan-boy – “big fat fucker in a flight jacket” – was sitting in McCormick’s bar in Seattle, wearing a flight patch from a guy Dan knows was shot dead, and whose patches had been sold in Seattle. Guy told Dan ALL about the Screaming Eagles. Dan has a lot more details, but he said, “No, we referred to the 101st collectively as the Puking Buzzard.”(Based on the patch. The 101st now calls itself The Choking Chicken, as a present member informed me.) Dan says he actually felt sorry for the kid because he was wheezing and probably wouldn’t live long. He didn’t want to be who he was, but somebody else – “And a Comanchero pilot was the thing to be.”

A comics artist friend of mine (who had issues) tried to convince Dan he’d been in Vietnam. And corrected him, because what Dan said didn’t fit the fanboy model of SuperSoldier.

Even I had that moment at the vet’s dinner, being told I didn’t know better: As a vet talking to the wife of a troop: I think he had her on. He evidently told her the reason sergeants screamed in your face in basic training was to make you tough in case the enemy captured you. WTF? We ALL knew that was to instill military fear – to make you ever on the lookout for the superior lurking ever somewhere near. But she told me she knew better. Then again, she’s never had a pissed-off sergeant major leap up and make her slam and lock the door on her teletype room, or have an infuriated general backed by the same SMAJ making her prove she wasn’t the one in the wrong before he chased the colonel back down the hallway of the hospital, and she wondered if she could hide under her desk….

Now, as somebody who’s written about crap wars for years, I’ve always referred to the actual vets for reference. You won’t see any sentimentality about combat in my work. When a piece of shrapnel takes off a guys jaw, or an officer attempts to rape one of his own female soldiers – it’s not pretty or fun. However, I have had to help actual vets clear up details about situations they were at, but nobody gave them all the details. I mean, just because an English Desert Rat bought and drank arak, doesn’t mean he knew it was made of palm sugar, and I was happy to supply the detail.

Sadly enough, a German paratrooper who saw Rommel taken away to be killed thought it had been just an honor escort at the time. If we both hadn’t been drinking at a cartoonists’ dinner, I’d have kept my mouth shut. It came out all right, though, when I told him that if he and his unit had attacked the SS, Rommel’s wife and kid would probably have been killed. Bad moments, though, that sit there like little bombs in the heart and mind, waiting to come back out.

Anyway, next time you see a homeless person, don’t take a selfie with the poor screwed-up heap. And no more laws making it illegal to feed them. If you’re a War Fan, you might be starving the gaming pieces you love best.

Oh, and in response to the military fan-boys and/or REMFs who got pissed of when Dan shared an actual Vietnam war song, here’s part of another one that, he said, “used to crack Lieutenant Cross up.”

“All my packs are bagged and I’m ready to go…”

He says he doesn’t remember the rest of it. Any of you old 67-A-1 (F)s or even 11-B’s remember the rest of it? Dan only ever shared his stuff with me, and now he’s letting me type it in, on here.

As he repeated another line from the time and place: “What’re they gonna do to me? Draft me and send me to Vietnam?”

Veteran’s Day – Warning the Editor

Had to warn my editor at the Forks Forum:

“The Lion’s club has asked me to come photo the Vet’s dinner. Happy to do it, but —

Just making a comment in one of the editorials, about how “the public” blamed soldiers for the Vietnam war, and how they’ve “learned better.”

 My husband is a Vietnam combat vet. I’m a Vietnam-era vet.
The public blamed the draft. The ones who actually blamed the draftees were what we called the “Lifers” – career volunteers. They were furious that the draftees despised the war, even to the point of taking part to a major degree in ant-war marches. The draftees openly despised them right back.
The Lifers didn’t get their parades, and blame the public for being unpatriotic. They have no more draftees to blame, today – and won’t, because the draft left such an ugly memory for so many unwilling families and their kids. The draftees didn’t want parades, and the Lifers are still angry at them for it.
And today? Combat vets don’t come to the Stand-ins or the vet’s dinners, because being around the military in any way can make them shake in terror. I’ve seen it.

The only ones who show up at these events are the REMFs – the Vietnam term for “rear echelon motherfuckers” (I’m a REMF, and I admit it). In other words, the paperwork and supply people, who aren’t afraid of the bureaucracy. As opposed to the grunts, or actual combat people (I’m sorry I don’t know today’s terms – these were the terms in the 1970’s, and they change).

I’ve proposed the REMFs adopting the grunts, and helping them get through the paperwork for their benefits. Otherwise, the grunts end up on the street, too shell-shocked to even come get the tents and sleeping bags that will help them survive. Seen that, too. Laws making it illegal to feed the homeless don’t help.

So, this knowledge would probably flavor any article I send. Checking beforehand, before writing anything. I can just send photos, if that’s preferred.”